Paranormal Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-7333609-0-6

With My Little Eye

Book One of the Mia Series

I spy with my little eye…

Mia Labont is going insane. Or is she? After enduring the loss of her beloved father and a devastating miscarriage, she cannot surface from the depths of her depression so much so that her husband, Dan, comes home to find her suffering a breakdown with a gun in her hand.

They are launched into a perilous journey of madness when Mia starts to see grisly images in mirrors and other reflective surfaces. The terrifying appearances become vivid manifestations of a tortured teen, so vivid that Mia cannot discern whether they are supernatural phenomena or illusion.


At the hands of a callous therapist, Mia’s condition only grows worse, affecting her marriage and health. Dan must make hard decisions whether to believe his wife or institutionalize her. Yet, continuing inexplicable events unfold that make him doubt even himself.

Mia must untangle a web of clues that will determine destinies while realizing her own abilities, yet Dan is the only one who can save her. Will he reach her in time? 

Lest We Fall

Book Two of the Mia Series

What if you had a unique skill that you never asked for?


A talent that would endanger the lives of your family…



With the appearance of a young girl in her mirror, Mia’s odyssey into the supernatural continues in this sequel to With My Little Eye. She and husband Dan were settling into a renewed home life after the birth of their son. But their time of happiness is short-lived as the forlorn child in the mirror starts to reveal clues of her imprisonment.


Mia is forced to call upon her intuitive powers to solve the mystery surrounding the girl’s whereabouts in a race against tragedy. In doing so, she comes face to face with a much darker force that will not only test her resolve but ultimately, her will to survive.

Paranormal Suspense


ISBN: 978-1-7333609-1-3


Adult Contemporary


ISBN: 978-1-7333609-3-7

On Frogs and Princes

When Stazie Royale sets her sights on something, she usually gets it. The pampered daughter of a successful defense attorney for celebrities is used to having her way. However, life begins to change for her one rainy night once she runs over Rey Natal while he is riding his bicycle during a blackout.


Trying to come to terms with guilt and depression over a tragedy in his past, independent Rey is more than a challenge for Stazie’s willful wiles. Encountering more mishaps, this unlikely pair must get beyond misperceptions to gain awareness for what they each had all along; including love and appreciation for what they didn’t think was possible. 


On Frogs and Princes is a story of abandonment, forgiveness, acceptance, and discovering that while all frogs aren’t princes, even princesses can have warts.

The X-Mas Tree

In this coming-of-age tale, fifteen-year-old Peter gets his first glimpse at the responsibility and commitment it takes to be a provider of a family. 

X-Mas Tree is about a father and son’s love for each other that is tested by the challenges of progress overshadowing tradition and the transformation of a boy to a man.


ISBN: 978-1-7333609-2-0

Like Us, the Polar Bears

Seventeen-year-old Molly needs to figure out how to get her brilliant plan to save polar bears into action while dealing with a few . . . challenges:


✔️ Phobias + self-doubt

✔️ Anxiety + more anxiety

✔️ Loss of BFF


Hope arrives in the form of Sig, the last-available lab partner, who has an audacious idea for saving the polar bears and—a secret. He accepts Molly as she is, problems and all, and challenges her to follow through on her polar bear rescue plan. She accepts his challenge, putting her well outside her comfort zone.


But as Molly and Sig set off to raise funds for the cause, complications threaten to melt the thin ice that keeps Molly from drowning in her own problems. Just like the polar bears she is trying to save, her world is rapidly changing. Can Molly hold on long enough to survive?

Young Adult Novel

ISBN: 978-1-7333609-4-4

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